Halloween Costumes and Accessories for Any Season” Costumes That Impress”

TheCostumeVault.com is a year-round costume website providing you with all the new popular costumes and accessories for 2016 in addition to the always popular classic costumes. We also have one of the largest seasonal Halloween store franchises in all of Ohio!! Our company prides our self on offering a amazing selections, as well as original creations and top-of-the-line customer service.

Don’t forget, however, costumes aren’t just for Halloween!  Even outside of our seasonal time frames, we are available online to provide you with that same outstanding customer service all year long! So whether you’re planning a children’s themed birthday party with all the Disney Princesses & Marvels Avengers, putting on a theatrical production, dressing to match a theme for a school project/event, or looking to throw a festive mid-year bash for you and all your grown up party-goers -we’ve got a vast selection of fun, scary, cute, or goofy products perfect for making great memories!

You will not be disappointed with our wonderful infant, toddler, teen, adult, and plus sized costumes in stock. Dressing up in costumes for parties or plays is a great way to break the work week grind. So let our friendly staff and great creative team help you with all your costume needs either online or in store!